Sunday, March 1, 2009

This post is a demonstration of Blogger Mobile. What that means in a nutshell is that I am writing this blog post via text message from my cell phone and posting it to my blog. This EdTechSec blog is written on Google's blogging tool called Blogger. With Blogger I can use their service called Blogger Mobile. I simply text the body of my post - what I'm doing right now - to 256-447 (that's the number correlation of "bloggr"). And there it is! A post made right from my cell phone.

For those of you who have your own blogs, the reasons this will be handy are numerous. First and foremost being that you don't need Internet access to post - just phone service. If your students have their own blogs, they can keep up on their posts too - even if they don't have computer access!
This is the kind of "tech" I like - it's not extra, it makes your life easier!

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