Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone can write stories or poems!

Remember those fun kits of refrigerator magnets? They have a ton of words or phrases, people put them all over their fridge and everyone plays with them to make stories, poems, phrases, etc.?

Well, Magnetic Poetry has put their kits online for your virtual refrigerator writing fun! They work pretty much the same as the actual kits - on the left hand side of the screen is your fridge - you can pick the background. And on the right hand side is all of your magnets you have to work with.

The kids section has a poetry kit, a first words kit, a best friends kit, and a story writing kit.

This is great for kids who are still struggling with writing, but can read at a basic level. It's also a good tool for practicing sentence structures and playing around with poetry - a very risk-free environment to compose in!

Students can save their creations too. No registration or sign in. Simple to use, ready to go as soon as you go to the page, and very self-explanatory - kids can dive right in and start playing with Magnetic Poetry.

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