Monday, February 2, 2009

How to find books boys ("Guys") will like

A big question in literacy circles lately seems to be "What can we do to get adolescent boys reading?" I think this is a question that extends both ways beyond the adolescent years. For whatever reason, in general, it seems that boys are a little pickier about what reading material they are interested in.

Enter author Jon Scieszka and his helpful site - GuysRead. It's a great resource for determining great age appropriate selections from little boys all the way through late teens. This can help ramp up the interest level of a course reading list, or also serve as a handy resource for suggestions for boys. As an author of kids' books, a teacher, and a parent, and a guy, Jon Scieszka seems a credible source of information on this particular topic.

Scieszka has the site set up to navigate through suggetions for different age levels, to do a search, or to set up your own GuysRead group or list. The graphics are fun and the site is interesting to navigate - very Scieszka-like, so students will find it easy and fun to use too. They can search based on a book or an author they already like and get recommendations for more books they should try out.

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