Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another great vocabulary tool!

One of the first posts on this blog was for a great vocabulary visualization program called VisuWords. Since then I have heard both good and just so-so feed back - the so-so being that a few of you had some trouble with it running slowly sometimes. Well, Lexipedia is another visual vocabulary tool that has all of the good components you liked about VisuWords, and fast graphics.

Lexipedia is a pretty fun vocabulary tool. Just like VisuWords, you type in the vocabulary word you want to search. Lexipedia immediately pops up a web with the vocabulary word in the middle and surrounded by the noun forms, verb forms, adjective forms, synonyms, antonyms, and something called "fuzzynyms" for that word. On the left is a menu that gives the information in a more formal thesaurus type format.
You can click on the key so that you can only view certain forms of the word. Roll over that form with the mouse and you'll get a pop-up that uses it in a sentence. It's extremely simple, very fast, and really fun to play with! Give Lexipedia a try and I'm sure you'll see what I did - a great tool for your students!

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