Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Use Cramberry to help your students study the right stuff

Cramberry is a very easy to use online flashcard tool. The really great feature about Cramberry is that after you set up a stack of flash cards, you can share it. That means, you can have your students sign up for Cramberry and share your card stacks with them. They can study them any time. To register - they just want a username, password, and email. Then you're ready. Just start a stack of flash cards. For elementary students who don't have emails, you can just log them in on your teacher password and they can do a little independent studying by themselves.

This is a great tool for when students have to know and remember steps, procedures, main points, facts, or specific vocabulary. When they see a card, they can guess, then check to see if they were right. If they were, they hit "correct". If they weren't, they hit "incorrect". Cramberry keeps track of which ones they are having trouble with and keeps bringing those back.

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