Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Science Fun and Learning for K-3

Animal Games has fun games about animals that help children learn animal classification, the difference between herbivores and carnivores, the food chain, endangered animals, producers and consumers, animal diet, and animal characteristics. The games are fun and easy to play and teach some important animal science concepts from our GLE's.

Animal Games is perfect for the kindergarten through third grade classroom. They teach the basics of the food chain, animal kingdom, and animal classification through an interactive game environment.

There are many ways for elementary teachers to work this into your classroom - as a center, on the computer overhead to go through with a whole group with students pointing out answers or giving input and ideas, on a smartboard (if you have one), as a learning activity to be followed up by a project or task that has them apply what they've learned - tons of ways to use it!

The graphics are really nice and colorful but not over the top - very basic - great for the little guys. No sign up or registration - very self explanatory and ready to use. There are a few small ads around the edges, but no biggie.

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