Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An EdTech Professional Development Pyramid

What is the most effective way to encourage/deliver/integrate edtech professional development? The layout of this infographic should come as no surprise to anyone. 
The pyramid is meant to work as all pyramids do - with the stuff on the top being necessary, but to a lesser degree than the items down the pyramid. The bottom layer is most essential for sustained professional development, but the middle layer is crucial in order for this to happen. I developed this infographic for an easy way to begin these conversations with district and site administrators, meant to be followed up with evidence and a plan.

To see a larger version, click on the image, and please feel free to share it. 

Here are just a few resources:
Classroom Technology Integration
Teacher-Led Professional Development
A Brief Guide to Tech Training
NETC: Assessing Technology Integration
Professional Development for Teachers Must Change

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