Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Excuses for not learning something new!

The "No Excuse List" is a simple page with a list of not-too-many links (I like that) of some great resources for learning.  Links include some of the best resources out there right now in the areas of academics, music, programming, how-to/DIY, languages, and other links. If you want access to some great resources for building your own knowledge, adding to your own units or lessons, or resource links for your students, this site has narrowed the field to a manageable browsing list.

I am always leary of sites that include things like "The Top 100" of anything - it's just too much to look through all at once!  I like this list because it is not too long, and has done a pretty good job of selecting some of the top credible sites that are out there right now.

Want to learn more?  There's No Excuse now!

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