Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Google Classroom

Whew - it's been awhile since I've posted 'round these here parts, but I'm back with more EdTechSec info! As always, I'd like to remind you to just scroll through old entries and the archives - you'll surely find something useful!

So - Google! Yes, Google is "The Man" and Google is taking over the world, but this is a case where world domination is actually working for some of us. Google has become like our favorite superstore - everything under one roof. That's pretty handy - having a Gmail address gives you access to everything they've got!

Google Classroom is a nice little wiki set up to give you a quick rundown of Google's apps that work great in the classroom.

Of course we all know about Google Earth, but there are lots of other useful classroom goodies as well. The Google Classroom wiki gives a simple rundown of only the apps that have really proven useful in classrooms - not the whole Google bag of tricks. It's descriptions are pretty simple. When you click on one, for example Google Earth, it will take you to another wiki page where it explains some suggestions for ways to use the tool in class. You are given just a couple of links that will help you get it, and some nice short video tutorials telling how to get started with it.

So rather than having to navigate all of Google's vastness, Google Classroom keeps things nice and tidy - a great time saver for teachers wanting to know more about using Google in the classroom, but have felt like they just don't have the time to tackle it all.

Of the 18 tools listed on Google Classroom, I personally use 8 of them pretty regularly with my students - and there 3 more that I've used for myself.

Google is "the Man" for a reason! I'm a lifelong fan (until they start charging!)

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